Application for funding I'tikaf Charity Auction last 10 nights of Ramadan 1433


To Which We Honor,Mr / Mrs / SDR. (I) Donors

in -

PlaceAssalamu Wr.Wb.Thank God we are all given the opportunity by him to be able to enjoy this month of Ramadan 1433 H, the blessed month - the month the revelation of the Qur'an and the month in which his nights in a single night's worth more than a thousand months. In this same race of people to pursue goodness with a variety of practice Ramadan fasting, tarawih, and mentadaburi read the Qur'an, charity, giving open, etc. i'tikaf.

 Related to the recent practice of Ramadan is a i'tikaf we want to offer to Mr / Ms / Sdra. (I) to contribute to the following activities or contribute to helping i'tikaf i'tikaf activities of either consumption or in the form of funding for iftor i'tikaf in which God willing, this year will be held at the Masjid Agus Riyadhus Sholihin can re free to use the funds for purposes USD. 83.3 million, - AS    
So, Value Fund USD Per day. 8.3 million, - (Eight Million Rupiah)
This application is to say, the assistance is channeled into account the number Muamalat Indonesia 017 259 5913 in the name of Mansyur, the father of Mrs. SH or submit directly to the committee at the Grand Mosque we say jazakumullah Khoiron katsiiro.And hopefully get the reward promised by God through Rosulnya: "Whoever feeds a fasting person to fast it will be written for him the reward like the reward, just not one bit less than the reward of the fasting." (Narrated by At-Tirmidhi no. 807, An-Nasa'i in Al-Kubra: 2/256 and Ibn Majah no. 1746)

P. Bun, 15 Ramadan 1433Association of Regional Board Da'i IndonesiaWest Kotawaringin

Chairman,                                             Secretary,

Signed.                                                  Signed.

NUR HARUN Rofiq, SE                             Mansyur, SH

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